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Exoticism 'Tartiah Water " Interesting Tourism in North Luwu

Minggu, 15 September 2019
Exoticism 'Tartiah Water " Interesting Tourism in North Luwu

LuwuPos.Com ■ If you want to enjoy tours with a beach theme or want to relax with your family in a cool place, Pao Village, West Malangke District, North Luwu Regency, offers a New Tourism Dynasty.

"Water Tartiah". Tourist destinations by relying on mangrove areas become one of the choices at this time.

Here visitors can enjoy the natural feel of the stilt house which is located on the edge of the Pao River, a river that connects the sea and the residents' ponds or is right in the mangrove area.

Being above this place has its own sensation with the feel of a beautiful stilt house with its own colors and exotic views by enjoying the lush mangrove trees in front of the eyes and the breeze of the beach makes visitors feel comfortable.

For Millennials and all walks of life, this place deserves to be visited what else to capture the moment (Selfie), what else here is also the end can enjoy a variety of culinary typical North Luwu.

According to one visitor, Puput (23) said that although this place is still relatively new, visiting this place seemed to have its own place far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

"The place is quite impressive, good service. Here there is a view of the object of the Mangrove tree, here is also good for selfie especially millennial children, "Puput said when met LuwuPos.Com.

According to Puput, this new tourist location information is known after circulating on social media and from the information of his friends.

"We came here with family after getting information if there are new tourist attractions, want to enjoy banana culinary," he said.

Water Tartiah Tourism visitors can also relax and enjoy a variety of culinary specialties of North Luwu with a variety of foods and drinks, ranging from Grilled Fish, Parede Fish, Kapurung, Lawa, Peppek Fried Banana, Chocolate Fried Banana and other special foods, and various drinks or just want to enjoy hot coffee.

To enter this place visitors do not need to worry about the costs incurred because the manager gives a cheap price starting from Rp 15,000 per portion.

The idea of ​​making this mangrove area a tourist area began with a farmer named Haerul, by building a stage house for a place to rest and then developed into a tourist attraction that is now crowded.

"At first, when I returned home, I had to take a break, and I also wanted to see the residents and family groups enjoy the conditions here, so that from time to time slowly developed into tourist attractions," he said.

Water Tartiah tourism is visited by residents on Saturdays and Sundays or holidays, on weekdays at certain hours ie at 15:00 pm to 22:00 pm

To reach this location, visitors can travel from Masamba, the capital city of North Luwu Regency, with a distance of 60 kilometers using two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles.

■ Editor: Yayang Putri