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This Is How AKBP Boy FS Samola Promotes North Luwu Attraction

Minggu, 15 September 2019

LUWUPOS.COM ■ Still in commemoration of the 73rd anniversary of Bhayangkara, North Luwu Police held Tourism Tourists, Saturday (06/07/2019).

AKBP Police Chief Boy FS Samola released about 300 participants who took part by starting at the North Luwu Mapolres to finish at the Bantimurung waterfall tourist attraction, Bone-bone district.

The total route taken is around 37 Km with asphalt track 33 Km and the rest with steep rocky and slippery tracks.

"In addition to exercising and strengthening friendship with residents, this activity also aims to help promote attractions in North Luwu," said AKBP Boy FS Samola.

AKBP Boy continued, "I thank all those who took part in the bicycle exercise,".

Actually, there are other tips that AKBP Boy FS Samola will roll out to strengthen the tourism promotion program in North Luwu. But all of that is how to package it in sync with the Kamtibmas and tourism programs.

Related to this event, North Luwu Police prepared door prizes for 10 bicycles and dozens of other interesting prizes drawn at Bantimurung Waterfall.

Editor: Yayang Putri